How to Buy and Sell on Etsy

What is Etsy?


Etsy is an online community marketplace where individual sellers can sell their handmade goods, vintage items, and supplies. Sellers create their own shops in which they sell their own products. They then become part of the Etsy marketplace as a whole, searchable using Etsy’s search feature. Etsy promotes itself as a gathering place for the creative community.


“Etsy is a forum, not a retailer; Etsy’s function is to connect the customer and the seller,” the company claims. This means that when you order something on Etsy, you’re engaging in a direct transaction and personal interaction with a single seller (mediated by Etsy).”

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Who is eligible to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is open to everyone. Anyone can sell on Etsy.

What distinguishes Etsy from other online marketplaces?

  • Individual vendors create and sell one-of-a-kind things that are usually produced in small amounts.
  • Many of the items sold on Etsy can be customized or manufactured to order.
  • It is encouraged for the seller and the customer to interact.


Buying on Etsy


On Etsy, there are a few different ways to shop:

·        Search:

  • To find items and shops by using the search box.

·        Browse:

  • Browse for products by category, relevance, and popularity.
  • Use categories and subcategories to narrow down your search.


Buying on Etsy

Browse what’s available on Etsy:

Email subscriptions:

  • Daily Finds Email: sign up for a daily email with Etsy personnel items and stores.
  • Subscribe to other newsletters to get shopping ideas, news, and selling advice.

More ways to shop:

  • Categories: browse categories and subcategories of goods, based on the latest listing of an item
  • Gift Cards: purchase gift cards for a specific amount
  • Colours: shop for items based on their colour
  • Treasuries: handpicked collections of items chosen by other customers and sellers on Etsy
  • Shop Local: browse your city
  • Shop Search, People Search: search by using the names of shops or people

Buying on Etsy

Browse and Select:

Browse results

  • Left sidebar: Narrow down your results by:
    • Categories and sub-categories
    • Location
    • Ship-to location
    • Price
  • The thread along the top of the page will keep track of your selections to refine your search, as well as the number of results found (here it is 28)
  • To learn more about an item, simply click on it

Buying on Etsy

View item and seller:

Take a look at this item, including images, a description, and the pricing. To purchase, add it to your “Favorites” or “Add to Cart” list. The righthand side has a column of links which consist of:

  • Shop
    • To see the entire shop and everything it has to offer, click on the shop’s name
    • Favourite this shop
    • See who has this store as a favourite
  • Shop Owner
    • To see the owner’s profile, click on his or her name
  • Favourites: view the shop owner’s favourites
  • Contact: send this seller a message It is indeed possible to utilize it to ask inquiries, request special tasks, and so on.
  • Item
    • Favourite this item
    • Use social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to spread the word

Buying on Etsy

Check out:

Purchase a product:

  • Put the item in your shopping cart.
    • If you’d like, include a note to the seller.
  • To make a purchase, you’ll need an Etsy account (which is free).
    • Use your email address to sign up
  • You can pay with a credit card or a PayPal
    • Fill in the payment details.

Buying on Etsy

Your Account:

Sign in as a buyer and select YOUR ACCOUNT. A list of your recent purchases can be found here. In the left sidebar, you’ll find account information:

  • Purchases: every purchase you’ve made
  • Feedback: what you’ve said about sellers, as well as what they’ve said about you as a buyer
  • Public Profile: you have the ability to edit the information that people view about you
  • Settings: account information, email settings, delivery information, and so on.
  • Apps: applications that you use

Selling on Etsy

On the home page of Etsy:

  • To start selling your handmade goods, vintage items, or supplies on Etsy, go to and click “Sell” in the upper left corner. This will take you to, where you can learn more about selling.
  • To seek answers to your numerous questions about Etsy in general, go to “Help” in the upper right corner.

Selling on Etsy: Visit

Use Etsy’s resources:

  • com/sell provides selling suggestions and advice, as well as a seller manual and other tools.

Selling on Etsy

Set up your shop: By following the instructions in the banner at the top of the page.

  • Shop Name: Choose a name for your shop first.
  • List Items: Make a list of products you want to sell.
  • Get Paid: Choose from a variety of payment options for your online store.
    • Options: Direct Checkout (to a bank account), PayPal, Money Order, and Personal Check are all options for payment.
  • Billing: To pay your Etsy bills, enter your information.

Selling on Etsy

Locate Shop (1)

Locate YOUR Shop (2)

  • Sign in to find “Shop” and “YOUR Shop” on the top page after you’ve created a shop.
    • To see your shop as it appears to the public, click “Shop.”


  • To examine the behind-the-scenes details of your shop, click “YOUR SHOP.”
    • You can amend item listings, verify sold orders, pay your bill, view shop metrics, alter settings, and perform a variety of other shop-related administrative chores under “Your Shop.”


Selling Notes:

  • Sold items:
    • You will receive an email confirmation once your purchase has been completed. Check to see if you’ve been paid using your preferred method.
    • The item listing will be moved to your shop’s Sold section. You must re-list the same item for 4 additional months at a cost of 20 cents to make it available again.
    • Etsy fees: 20 cents per month for a four-month listing, plus 3.5 per cent of the amount upon sale. There are other fees for using PayPal or using Etsy Direct Checkout (3 per cent of sale).
  • Billing:
    • Etsy will email you and make your bill available under ‘Your Shop’ on the first of every month.
    • The transaction fees (3.5 per cent of each sale) and listing fees (20 cents per item) will be calculated here.
    • Processing fees are deducted at the moment of purchase, whether through PayPal or Etsy’s Direct Checkout.
  • Set-up:
    • Using consistent photographs, descriptions, logos, and names, create a brand and identity. Make your store memorable and identifiable.
    • Clearly state your shop’s policies.
    • Make a profile for yourself so that potential purchasers may learn more about you, however much information you should provide.


Use Etsy as:

  • A starting point

o Etsy can help you market your work. Use it to show other venues as a portfolio.

  • Start selling your items on Etsy to discover how well they sell, what people prefer, and what they want.
  • A social community
    • Etsy is a communal space thanks to its forums, chat rooms, and virtual labs.
    • Joining teams, creating treasuries, and following other members are all options.
    • Add items and shops to your favourites list and keep track of what members like.
    • To market your work and your shop, use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs.

Use Etsy’s resources:


General Etsy Notes:


  • Etsy-related vocab:
    • Reserved or Custom listing: a hold on an item is placed, or a bespoke order is created for a certain consumer. It’s priced appropriately, and it’s ready to be picked up by that customer alone.
    • Tags: Etsy’s keywords and descriptors are used to describe and search for items for sale.
    • Treasury: “a constantly evolving, member-curated shopping gallery… of products” -Etsy
    • OOAK: Abbreviation for “One Of A Kind”
    • Following: To see other members’ recent activity in your feed, connect with (or follow) them.
    • Activity feed: an ever-updating feed of tales from the people you’re following, as well as shop-related activities like favourited goods and stores, following, and new things from your favourite shops.


  • FAQs

o   Does Etsy have fees?

  • Etsy fees: 20 cents per month for a four-month listing, plus 3.5 per cent of the amount upon sale. A transaction fee of 3% of the sale is also charged by PayPal and Etsy Direct Checkout.

o   Are there other sites that offer similar services?

  • Artfire, BigCartel, and DeviantArt are examples of online art marketplaces, however, their offerings and delivery methods differ.

o   What makes Etsy a unique shopping experience?

  • Individual sellers and buyers conduct transactions.
  • Small-scale manufacturers who create their own distinctive work make up the majority of sellers.
  • Requests, special items, and communication with sellers are all encouraged.
  • There are a lot of one-of-a-kind products.

o   What are Etsy’s terms and policies for transactions on Etsy?

  • Privacy Policy:


o   Can Etsy answer my questions?

  • Etsy’s FAQs:
    • On Etsy, there’s a ‘Help’ button in the top left corner of every page that takes you to this page, which answers a lot of questions:

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