One drink equals _______ in the eyes of law enforcement.

One drink equals _______ in the eyes of law enforcement.

(A) 10 ounces of beer

(B) 12 ounces of beer

(C) 5 ounces of beer

(D) 6 ounces of beer



In the eyes of law enforcement, one drink is equivalent to ______. A standard drink contains a high enough alcohol concentration to impair judgment and may even result in impaired driving. For many people, this limit is enough to prevent them from flying or operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, beer is more intoxicating than wine – a pint of IPA is 50% more alcohol than a standard glass of wine.

The legal limit for driving after one drink depends on the person’s metabolism. Generally, one drink is equivalent to about 1.5 ounces of alcohol, which won’t cause the blood-alcohol level to rise above the per se limit. The amount of alcohol in one drink also depends on individual metabolism, which is different for everyone. Some people don’t metabolize alcohol well, while others have a higher tolerance. Drinking experience can help individuals interpret how alcohol affects their body, and the amount of alcohol they should consume before driving.

Final Words:

Correct option is (B) 12 ounces of beer

One drink equals 12 ounces of beer in the eyes of law enforcement.

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