Electronic highway message boards communicate______.

Electronic highway message boards communicate______.

(a) advertisements

(b) radio station frequencies

(c) safety messages

(d) only highway patrol warnings


Electronic highway message boards are used to convey information about road conditions to drivers. Despite their obvious benefits, they do have some drawbacks, and drivers should consider these before getting behind the wheel. These message boards also help drivers evaluate three major elements of driving: your own well-being, the vehicle you’re driving, and the traffic situation. In a traffic jam, you may find yourself irritable, lonely, and angry. Those factors could potentially lead to a crash.

In Texas, the maximum speed limit on numbered highways is 65 mph. If you’re running a car, be sure to cool down your windshield defroster before turning it on. Moreover, one-way streets and highways have unique characteristics. You may encounter a situation where merging without heeding the sign can lead to an expressway emergency. To avoid this, control your distractions.

Always give way to pedestrians and cyclists, as they are harder to see than other vehicles. Motorcycles and pedestrians are hard to see when they are riding between lanes. It is important to yield to the pedestrian crossing the road before it is safe. Motorcyclists and pedestrians should yield to vehicles when entering or exiting an intersection. You should avoid making sudden, unsafe moves when approaching a crosswalk. In many cases, a pedestrian is unaware of their presence, and a driver can be charged with reckless driving.

Final Words:

Correct option is (c) safety messages

Electronic highway message boards communicate safety messages.

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