TranscribeMe Review- How to Pass the Exam and Get a Transcription Job in 2022

Hi, everybody, welcome to my page. And thanks for watching my website. On my site, I like to teach you different ways you can make money online. So today I’m going to go over this job And here you’ll get paid to transcribe what you’re hearing on this website is recommended much more than other websites like rev, or GoTranscript, because they pay more than anyone as they say here, we have the industry’s best rates with earning starting at 15 to $22 per audio hour, and top monthly earnings at 2200. But the average monthly earnings are $250.

Keep in mind that this is per audio hour, so you’re not getting paid this much money per hour of work, it can typically take three times, it might take you three hours to do one audio hour or two hours, two hours if you’re really good at transcribing.

So let’s click on Join today. And now we have to create a new account. So let’s go down here and fill in our account information. Enter your payment account PayPal, your country and then your transcription experience. And then put in the languages that you can transcribe in so you have different options, because there are many many different dialects with English so North American, British Irish, I’m going to put in all the different English is and if you speak any other languages and you’re comfortable with transcribing in those languages, you can put those as well and agree to the terms and conditions and click Create Profile.

You don’t have to put in your Skype or your phone number it lets you go through anyways which is great. Now you have to register you know it says we’ve sent a verification email to you click the link in the email to get started. Okay, so I’ve just received this email from transcribeme. Now we can click on this link to verify our email and enter the work hub. Okay, so welcome to the transcribe me work hub.

Now that you’ve registered the first step is to complete the entrance exam in the language in which you wish to transcribe. The English entrance exam consists of a series of questions and transcription audios. Once you are successful in passing this exam, you will join our transcription team who complete short slice chunks ranging from a few seconds long to four minutes in length, which are then reviewed by a QA.

Okay, so I’m going to scroll down here and as you can see, the majority of these exams are not available. But luckily the English entrance exam is available. So we can go ahead and click on Check exam info. So it says this exam is formerly known as the English transcriber Skills Assessment Exam. Please read the documents linked below carefully before attempting the exam.

Everything you need to pass the exam is included in those two documents. So we’ve got the TM style guide version two, I’m gonna right-click and go open a new tab. Okay, it also automatically downloads to my computer and then the English entrance exam instructions to have as well. So let’s look at this first guide. Okay, we have a 39-page guide to read this is a lot of reading. This will give you first they have the index which is great. It’s clean verbatim as what we’re doing. Alright, so there’s a lot of information to go through here. And the second one is the English exam instructions PDF, there are 14 pages of this one.

Here you can see some requirements you have to be 18 years of age or older. Alright, I haven’t read these through yet, but I’m going to kind of read them as we’re going through the exam. So let’s click please click tick this box here Once complete, and now we’re ready to click attempt the exam. Okay, so we have three different sections here we’ve got the multiple-choice sample sentences. So part of this exam is being able to follow directions please make sure that you read each question carefully. followed the directions below for writing your answers.

Formatting your answer incorrectly may result in a failed attempt. Note that the questions will appear in random order each time you take this test and your results will be randomized on the exam results page you see upon completing the exam. This means that should you fail one or more questions you will not know which questions they were, you will be asked to complete three multiple-choice questions in this section pertaining to transcribe me as basic clean verbatim style.

This means that you will need to read and understand pages four to 21 of the style guide. You must pass each question with 100% to pass the section for multiple-choice questions where you are instructed to write a B or C please write the answer as a capital letter. Do not put a space or punctuation behind the letter example A B C, okay.

Okay, so basically you have to type in A, B, C or D For which one you think is the right way to say this. So once you’ve done that, you can click next. As a tip to help you with this, I just typed in, you know, because I don’t know if they want us to include that or not. And they have this listed under crutch words.

So they say a crutch word or phrase is an utterance that a speaker consistently uses that does not add meaning to what is being said. So, you know, if the speaker like talks like this, then you know, please like remove the crutch words to make it readable, okay, so we’ll remove these words and we’ll click next again. Okay, I’ve just gone through the multiple-choice and now we have audio A, it says in total, you will complete three audio clips in this exam, each of which is around four minutes long. These clips will come up in random order each time you take the exam and you may not receive the same audio for each attempt.

So it says transcribe each audio in transcribeme is a clean verbatim style using American English Do not insert speaker IDs or timestamps, you must complete one audio clip in this section audio a, be sure to finish this audio, ie complete your transcription and then hit the next button to submit your results before leaving the exam to come back later. Okay, so it says Audio l please can transcribe the following audio in accordance with a basic clean verbatim style guide using American English. Start the file with a lowercase letter unless the word is a proper noun and do not end your file with punctuation.

So we’re not going to be starting with capital will be an uppercase we’ll be starting with a lowercase letter. Unless the word is I, for example, because that always has to be uppercase. Remember that our system will not save your incomplete text, you must complete this audio. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and do that. Okay, so once you’ve submitted the audio for audio one, we can go ahead and do the audio test for audio section B, it pretty much just follows the exact same format. Just make sure to listen and type in the audio right here. And then once we’re done with that, we can click Next again to go to the next section. And the final section for transcribing audio is audio see. So I’m going to go ahead and listen to this once again, and then click Next once I finished transcribing.

Okay, so now I’ve just finished the audio C portion. So I’m going to go ahead and click Next. So now we have style guide questions. It says part of this exam is being able to follow directions, please make sure that you read each question carefully. Follow the directions below for writing your answers. Formatting your answer incorrectly may result in a failed attempt. So basically, there’s a total of 10 different questions in this section pertaining to the transcribe me, basically verbatim style. So you’re going to have to read pages four to 21 of the style guide.

So if we go up here, this is the style guide right here. So that’s from pages four to 21. And basically, they’re going to ask you different questions, you need to have passed all 10 questions with 100% to pass this section. So if the answer is true or false, write out the full word true or false. In the box below, make sure you capitalize the first letter and do not put any punctuation after. So you have to put true false like that. For multiple-choice questions where you are instructed to write A, B, or C, please write the answer as a capital letter. Do not put a space or punctuation behind the letter. So just a, b, or c. So once you put in your answer, you just click next.

So I’ve just submitted my test answers. And you can see how I have my exam results. And I’ve completely passed the test, which is awesome. Here, you have multiple choice sample sentences, there were three questions and I got three out of three. For the audio, I had a score of 98.96, which is a pass for the audio B 98.5. For audio C 99.17. You can see here retries of mock maximum possible so there are two tries for each one. So if you need to retry that portion of the test, you can just click retry. And then for the style guide questions, it was 10 and I had 10 out of 10, which is awesome. So now I’m just going to go ahead and click complete exam. And it says Congratulations, you have passed the English entrance exam, be sure to click the Complete Exam button to submit your results into our system. You will hear from us within the next two to three business days for your account to be activated. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you spend preparing for and taking our exam. So I’ve already clicked that at the bottom, the complete exam, so I’m going to click on Back to exams.

And here you can see the English entrance exam and it says completed on February 2 2020. So past, now, when I was doing this test, I started it. And then I’m there was a family emergency. So I was not able to complete my test for another few weeks. So you can start the one section. And then, for example, transcribe audio A, and then leave it after you save it, and then come back and transcribe the other two at a different stage. So there’s no problem. So let’s say you didn’t pass all the sections, I’m going to go back to the past.

Now, let’s say you failed one of these sections, you’re able to retry this, and you can click on the button retry. And then you would only click the complete exam once you’ve actually passed all of these sections. So let’s go over to the instructions, the exam instructions. So it tells you a little bit of information here about the number the maximum number of retries possible, so you have two for each section.

It also says Do not try or do not retry sections that are displayed in green or passing in an effort to get a higher percentage score overall, they just want you to pass every question on the exam. So don’t retry ones that you’ve already passed. So if you fail after your second attempt, it says Don’t despair, you can return to us after a 30 day period to try again, the exam will then be reset, and you will have two more attempts at that time. Now passing the exam, which I did, once you have passed each question of the exam within the same attempt, seeing all green results, you will have passed the exam. So make sure you hit the complete exam buttons so that your passing grade can be registered in our system. So now at this stage, one of our training officers will review your application.

It is at this point that a photo ID may be requested if one is not currently present on your account. Once your application is fully processed, your account will be activated within two to three business days of taking the exam. So there’s no waiting around on a waiting list. So basically, because I pass the exam now I just have to wait for them to activate my account within two to three business days. And they will potentially ask me for a photo ID just to verify who I am. Overall, I don’t think that this transcription test was extremely difficult.

It was a lot of work because you have three different transcription tasks and they’re about, I think it’s four minutes each. So that’s 12 minutes of transcribing and it is a lot of work, just make sure to go through the style guide. So basically, now that I’ve passed the exam, I just have to wait until they activate my account and then I can start taking jobs I will be doing a follow-up tutorial in the next probably two weeks or less on how to accept jobs, how to get started transcribing and making money with transcribeme. If you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, please subscribe to my channel where I post videos every week on how to make money online with different online platforms. Thanks for watching.

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