Complete PPSC Sub Inspector Answer Key 2022: Last PPSC Sub Inspector Merit

PPSC Sub Inspector Answer Key 2022 (30-01-2022):

PPSC is a government recruitment organization. PPSC is going to held a written examination of SI Punjab Police (BS-14). It is good news for all those candidates who are appearing in the PPSC Sub-inspector written test that you can see PPSC Sub Inspector Answer Key Unofficial on our website. We will upload the PPSC Sub-inspector Answer key and last PPSC Sub Inspector Merit as soon as after the written test of SI Punjab Police.

Are you searching for the PPSC SI answer key? Have you achieved good marks after checking the PPSC Sub Inspector answer key on our website and searching for the Last PPSC Sub-inspector Merit after the interview? We have good news for you. The last merit of the PPSC Sub Inspector is not very much high. If you have 55-70 marks in the written test of Sub Inspector. You have a high chance to get a shortlist in the PPSC Sub-inspector written test.

SI Paper Answer Key 2022

PPSC Sub-inspector answer key unofficial is uploaded on this page. Do not miss the chance to get PPSC Sub Inspector Answer Key held on 30-01-2022. If you are searching for the official result of the PPSC Sub Inspector? It will announce after almost 2 months of the written test. Those candidates who will get high scores in this test will get shortlisted. So, count your marks with the PPSC Sub-inspector answer key given below.

SI Punjab police written test key uploaded on this page is not official. We just upload answers to questions that we come to know from different candidates who appeared in SI written test organized by the Punjab Public Service Commission. So, do not get dishearted if you do not get high marks and wait for the final result. Prepare your test well and trust Allah Almighty for final allocation. you will achieve your dream very soon.

  1. Short cut Key to close a window? Alt+ F4
  2. Shortcut key to decrease font size? Ctrl+Shift+>
    3. Which Paper size is used in the office? Office paper sizes as Letter, Legal, Tabloid and more.
    4. Get your goat idiom meaning? to upset or irritate someone
  3. Mohsin ul Mulk created which organization for Urdu in 1900? The Urdu Defence Organization
  4. NAG antonym? Delight, Rejoice
  5. Superscript and subscript are? Font style
  6. One who killed oneself is called? Suicide
  7. The dead body of a human is called? Cadaver or corpse
  8. Tree intake at the night? Oxygen
  9. Soda water which gas is used? Carbon dioxide gas
  10. CM of Sindh? Murad Ali Shah
  11. Hana Lake in which province? Baluchistan
  12. Who was the speaker of the assembly during the Z.A. Bhutto Era? Sahibzada Farooq
  13. In which Canal Ship was stuck and trade of WorldWar stopped? Suez Canal
  14. Error Synonym? Mistake
  15. Few antonyms? Many
  16. Spam Emails are also called? Junk Mail
  17. Maiden Speech is called? First speech
  18. Change case? Shift+F3
  19. Aligned at the centre? Ctrl+E
  20. Spelling check? F7
  21. The novel Abdullah Hussain? Udas Naslain
  22. Excel with formula? =
  23. Not broadband?
  24. Insolvent antonym? humble
  25. Not broadband? Dial-Up
  26. At Sea means? Puzzle
  27. weal and woe mean? Joy and Sorrow
  28. Most celebrated Olympic player? Michael Phelps
  29. Which countries do not follow rule of law? Cambodia
  30. Jazz up means? To make it more interesting
  31. One can bear 50 times the load of its weight? Ants
  32. Copy someone work is known as? Plagiarism
  33. How many witnesses are compulsory for business accounting to Quran? Two men
  34. Brazil Pass is located in? Himalaya Range
  35. Obdurate Synonym? Stubborn
  36. Synonym of Chatty? Talkative
  37. Antonym of Vacillate? Resolute
  38. Antonym of Moist? Dry
  39. How many times are the hands of a clock at the right angle in a day? 48 Times
  40. Command to close web Browser? Alt+F4
  41. Synonym Loquacious? Talkative
  42. Make the Hay while the sun shines means? Take advantage
  43. SMTP is used for? Simple mail transfer protocol
  44. Adobe Dreamweaver? quickly create and publish web pages
  45. If the sum of two numbers is 37. and the difference between their square is 185, what is the difference between both numbers? 1/7
  46. Choose one correct sentence I have received in his letter yesterday? I received his letter yesterday.
  47. Choose one correct sentence I wrote nothing yesterday but learnt two poetries by heart?
  48. Transmit opposite? withhold
  49. One word substitute of One who loves books? Bibliophile
  50. Which of the following is not part of the merge process? Data source
  51. One word substitute of “The policy of extending a country’s empire and influences? Imperialism
  52. The commands used to ask the browser to send the latest version of the page? Refresh
  53. Choose the correct sentence: He writes better than me? He writes better than I
  54. Suppose there is a text in a document that is bold, Red in colour with green background. We want to apply all of these formattings to another paragraph in one go, Which option will we use? Format Painter
  55. Rack and ruin are? Destruction
  56. …………… is a standard Windows control that displays the percentage of completion of a particular process as a graphical bar? Progress Bar
  57. A Jaundiced Eye Means? A Prejudiced Person
  58. In Microsoft Powerpoint, customizing how the new slide appears on the screen in the slideshow is applied using? Animation
  59. Choose one of the correct sentences He is coward boy? He is a cowardly boy
  60. Synonym of Esoteric? None of these
  61. Microsoft Excel’s function arguments are always written in? Cells
  62. The command used to apply the look of one piece of text to other parts of the text document? Format Painter
  63. For conducting online video meetings, useful solutions of google meet? Google
  64. In spreadsheets, letters are used to represent …………..? Columns
  65. MS Word Standard page size which is used in offices? A4
  66. Choose current; Why did he write that foolish letter? Why he write that foolish letter.
  67. In Internet Explorer, the favourites bar can be shown and hidden by choosing it in the toolbars option under……………tab? View
  68. The man…………sold my house was a minister? to whom I Sold
  69. One word substitute That which is contrary to the law? illegal
  70. Choose the correct sentence: I have ten ten-rupees notes? I have ten ten-rupee notes (Not confirmed)
  71. Advance find gives a similar dialogue box as ………… MS Word? Both find and replace ( None of these)
  72. NA Approved the draft of the 1973 constitution in? April 1973
  73. If you press ……………, the cell accepts your typing as its contents? None of these (Enter)
  74. ………… view of Microsoft PowerPoint displays only text (title and bullets): None of these (Outline view)
  75. Antonym of UrbanityCrudeness
  76. Obese means? Fat and dull looking
  77. If 7^x=1/343. Then find the value of X? -3
  78. One word Substitute “A statement that has a double meaning.”? Ambiguous
  79. Which one is not the correct meaning of editing a cell’s content? Press the Alt key
  80. Michigan Huron Lake is in….? US & Canada
  81. Commands for Ordering, grouping and aligning the position of the objects on a slide in MS Powerpoint is in: None of these (Format Tab-align command)
  82. To stay in which ground is the major part of Hajj? Arafaat
  83. The application facilitates you to get the latest news from your sites, people around you are working frequently, quickly getting to the sites followed by you? OneNote
  84. The accused …………. having made any statement? denied
  85. In MS-Excel which is used to perform what-if analysis? Solver
  86. The first page of the website is called; Homepage
  87. Jub ishq sikhata hai adab e khud agahi. Shair me radeef kiya hai? Koi Nahi
  88. Urdu Qaseeda goi me soda kay bad Kiska name hai?
  89. ……………. is used for applying motions to slides in a slide show? None of these (Slide Transition)
  90. Which term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site? URL
  91. A service in which users can chat with friends and not with the public? Instant Messaging
  92. ——– displays the content of the cell.? Farmula Bar
  93. www. google . com is called? Website Name


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