How to use AirPods with Android – and why you should leave it

If you follow these steps, you can use the AirPods like ordinary Bluetooth headphones to listen to music or watch videos.

AirPods with Android: Why That’s a Bad Idea

However, this is not a really good idea. Because under Android, the AirPods do not really live up to their price – 199 euros in the current, third generation. The reason for this is the audio data compression method Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). Although this is supported by Android, the power management of Android ensures that the encoding is assigned a low priority. As a result, the quality suffers, frequency ranges are simply cut off. Details and measurements can be found on the website Soundguys . Android earbuds use other codecs instead, which in turn are not supported by the AirPods, such as Qualcomm’s aptX.

Also in the Praxis the quality losses are noticeable. When listening directly between an iPad and an Android phone, you immediately notice that the sound of the AirPods under Android is much less complex than with the same piece of music with an iOS device.

On Android, you also have to completely do without 3D audio from the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and the latest third Generation AirPods.

Other disadvantages

The parallel use is not really practical for users who use an Android phone and an iOS device at the same time. While switching back and forth between Apple devices works seamlessly and you don’t have to go to Bluetooth or connection settings, it’s a bit more complex between Android and iOS. So you have to call up the Bluetooth menu every time you switch between iOS and Android and connect there manually.

Functionally, you have some other disadvantages with the AirPods under Android. For example, Apple’s built-in H1 chip only works to a limited extent. As a result, some features are not available. This includes, for example, automatic carrying detection. If you take the AirPods out of your ears, they will automatically stop playing on iOS – not on Android.

Some users previously reported that the tip gestures of the AirPods work on Android – at least to pause and start playback. That was no longer the case in my test of the AirPods 3 with a current Android smartphone. Tapping on the earbuds doesn’t matter at all.

Also, on Android, you can not display the battery level of the earbuds by default. For this you need an external app.


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