WhatsApp gets practical Facebook feature

The most popular messenger in this country lacks a central function when compared to similar services. If you want to react to Signal or to a message in Facebook Messenger, you can do so with the help of reaction emojis without having to send a separate message.

Especially in group chats, this is an extremely practical function, because the clarity of the chat is maintained. This reaction feature is not yet available on WhatsApp. Here, a separate message must be written for each reaction – even if it is only a thumbs-up emoji.

WhatsApp gets reaction emojis

However, this is about to change: Already in September, it was announced that WhatsApp is working on such a reaction function. At that time, the blog WABetaInfo, which specializes in WhatsApp, published screenshot of this feature.

Now, the same feature has reappeared in a publicly available beta version of messenger, namely version 22.2.72 for iOS devices. According to a report by WABetaInfo, this suggests that the Reaction feature is ready and will soon be distributed to more and more WhatsApp users.


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