Cell phone radiation: This smartphone has the greatest radiation, says authority

A current ranking, based on values from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, shows which smartphones emit the most mobile phone radiation. One device performs particularly poorly.

In few other countries, “mobile phone radiation” is discussed as hotly as in Germany. Many are mainly concerned about this because they fear that the radiation emitted by smartphones when making phone calls could be carcinogenic.

But while scientific studies do not yet have a clear answer to this, it is certainly a topic that also concerns the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. The authority keeps a record of the radiation levels of all known modelson its website. In a current ranking, a smartphone performs particularly poorly.

Motorola Edge shines the most

As the information portal Statista has now compiled, the Motorola Edge is the smartphone with the greatest mobile phone radiation. The SAR value when making phone calls on the ear is 1.79,followed by the Axon 11 5G from the manufacturer ZTE with 1.59. In third place of the beam smartphones is the Oneplus 6T with a SAR value of 1.55.

Google’s Pixel smartphones are also represented in the ranking, but with SAR values of 1.39 and 1.37, they emit significantly less radiation than the top three.

How is mobile phone radiation calculated?

The SAR value refers to the specific absorption rate of mobile phones. This is the unit of measurement used to measure the energy absorption of mobile phone radiation on the body or ear. This is because mobile communications use high-frequency electromagnetic fields (microwave radiation) to transmit voice or data.

When we make phone calls with our mobile phones, our head absorbs some of this energy. Exactly this proportion of absorption is measured with SAR. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the upper value before it becomes problematic in terms of health is two watts per kilogram.

This means that even the Motorola Edge is below the maximum value for mobile phone radiation.

How to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

But even if no causal relationship between cell phone radiation and cancer has been proven so far, you can protect yourself from radiation with a few simple measures.

First and foremost, of course, you can use devices that have a particularly low SAR value. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, these include, for example, the Razer Phone 1 (0.3), the Samsung Galaxy M20 (0.25) or the Nokia 2.4 (0.24).

If you also see the “Blue Angel” eco-label when you buy a device, this means that the SAR value is below 0.5 when making calls.

When using it yourself, you can use a headset to ensure that the radiation source is not so close to the head. And: Avoid making phone calls in places with poor reception. Here, the mobile phone has to spend a lot of power to communicate with a base station. This also increases the intensity of the radiation.

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