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As I have said, I hesitate to tell about incidents such as this, since they are hard to believe. A husband sits and reads or revises his manuscript. Suddenly his train of thought is broken by an exclamation. Kind of Lindbergh has flown to France. But Craig does not know much about it.

A year passes and in the mail, I receive a monthly magazine called the lantern, published by Sacco Vanzetti sympathizers in Boston. I open it and find an article by a young radical, assailing Lindbergh because he does not follow in his father’s footsteps. As most of us know, Lindbergh’s father was a radical congressman.

But now the son allows himself to be used by the Army and Navy people, as well as by the capitalist press to destruct the minds of the masses from social justice, at least stuff to charge. I do not believe that Lindbergh flew across the ocean in order to take a ransom from a foreign government as well as from his own, not in order to induce the nations of the earth to war in the air.

Those were the words that were in my mind as I awoke from my nap on May 25. I should add, that my wife told me that Lindbergh had not been in her conscious mind for a long time, and she had no remotest idea that the radicals were attacking him.

This morning, I was reading the latest book of the month, which apparently is still a thing. And my wife interrupted me to ask, are there any flowers in what you are reading? I answered. Yes. To which she replied, I have been trying to concentrate, and I keep seeing flowers, at least 1500 of them. Here. Look, I have drawn them in this book. She handed me a copy of Mumford Herman Melville, and on page 346, the last page I had read before going to sleep last night, the very next chapter was entitled,

The flowering alo on this page was six lines from a poem called the American aloe on exhibition. On the preceding page was a discussion of the habits of this plant. While my wife was in the other room drawing her flowers. I was reading the line about how the red clover had blushed through the fields about their house. The exact quote goes, he would return home with a handful of clover blossoms, at least 1500 Weird ha.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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