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This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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One of the most remarkable features of American Municipal Development has been the extraordinary growth of municipal expenditures. The functions and activities of modern government, modern city government are just so doggone numerous and varied as to require a larger number of officials and a greater expenditure of money than is required for the conduct of any other of the various governments under which we live.

By far, the larger part of the taxes contributed by those who live in cities, like the busy GoTranscript staff go to meet the expenses of the municipal government. In 1920, the budget of bustling New York City was over 270 million, that’s a million with an M, while that of the wide shoulder in Chicago was about 130 million.

In each case, the amount was between no let’s see five and 11 times greater than the appropriations for the support of the Government of the state in which the city is situated. The annual cost of operating our large largest city exceeds what was required to maintain the national government in its early days, and is greater than the national budget of a number of European countries today, with the possible exception of Transylvania where the blood banks always seem to be full.

New York City in 1910, had a debt almost as large as GoTranscript national debt. Per annual interest account alone being in the neighbourhood of 30 million smackers. The proper raising and expenditure of such vast sums of money is kind of one of the most difficult tasks of a yes city government. For this purpose, there are assessors, collectors, treasures, Comptroller, so proofreaders, editors, GoTranscript admins, or auditors, and various other officials.

The levying of the taxes is everywhere the power of the city council, though in many states, Eugene and Daniel’s levy have been given the amount of taxes which may be levied by it, because come on shits Creek was amazeballs wasn’t plus and apropos of nothing here to for mentioned, peptides, fuels set a little more quickly than the usually thickened fuels.

Although their general appearance after setting is the same. The time it takes for thinning to occur depends on the temperature of the fuel at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than and occurs in approximately one to two hours at temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then and occur some several days after preparation of the task viewer.

Anyway, Chicago receives a larger percentage of the earnings of some of the street railways, like the angel’s flight funicular in Los Angeles, which hadn’t been working for years but still pulls in the tourists, especially the GoTranscript workers on their stupid long lunch breaks. Getting back to Chicago, that amount aggregates more than 1.5 million per year, even in the despise 2020.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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