Which is correct, Tamil or Tamizh?



It’s Thamizh or the recent Thamizlh

ZH gives you L sound as in when you pronounce L keeping your tongue in obtuse angle. And TA sounds “Tamarind”. Only THA sounds similar to ‘Tha’nks, ‘Tha’r or ‘Tha’mizh.

Usually, the North and West Indians pronounce right, but write it wrong without H, because they have their languages natively designed that way. Like they can’t differentiate between थ and ठ; ध and ढ, etc. Because ideally, थ has to be written like Thha as there’s already a ‘Tha’ which is त as in “Tha” in Thamizh or “Th”ings. And forget about differentiating between ध and ढ! They pronounce Thhird instead of a simple Third for instance. That’s an explanation for the rest of South Indians.

When छ is written as Chha, थ should be ideally Thha and not Tha. Simple! 🙂

Even Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada have such letters, but those rats crawled into- during later stages and are actually redundant specifically in Telugu and Kannada. It’s actually Thelu(n)gu BTW. That’s the reason why even a few South Indians use wrongly Anitha instead of Anita, Aditya instead of Aadithya for example. Anita is nothing but A-ni-taa. The third syllable- any non-Sanskritized language speaker will read as “Ta”ll and not “Tha”t sound.

So, she’s THA-MI-ZLH. த-மி-ழ்.

வாழ்க தமிழ்.

வளர்க தமிழ். .

வெல்க தமிழ். . .

ஓங்குக தமிழ். . . . !

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