GoTranscript Audio Test Answer | June 15, 2021

Speaker 1:
This is the audio we’re about to use for the latest GoTranscript audio test.

Speaker 2:
Um, so this is going to be yet another one of those tests where I, you know, make a whole lot of mistakes based on examples in the GoTranscript guidelines and you the aspiring transcriber are expected to correct them. So, for example, since this is the style known as clean verbatim.

Even if I start every sentence with the word, so, you’re not supposed to put those in, you know, except in a few weird cases, you know. So for example, if the speaker says something like, quote, so that the transcript will be clear, please state your name, unquote, you should not delete that. So at the beginning of that sentence, the reason is that this is the beginning of a clause which depends on the verb state, you know, it’s correct, because you can turn it around and say, quote, please state your name, so that the transcript will be clear, unquote. So on the other hand, if I just start saying, so with the beginning of every sentence for no good reason, the way I’m doing it in this in the following paragraph, you know, you should not, you know, put it in. So it’s because the word so is what we in the transcribing is called a conjunction. So it’s long been standard of most transcribing companies to omit conjunctions at the beginning of sentences.

So in fact, at least 1500 transcribing companies that I’ve worked for have had similar rules. So they also have rules about whether or not you should put a comma in that 1500 figure I just quoted you. Yeah, a disturbingly large number of you are going to omit that comma. You know, even when I tell you that at GoTranscript, we expect you to put in the comma. So the nice thing is that helps us eliminate a lot of the applications right away.

Which is nice, because one morning, I, I woke up to find there were well over 1500 applications waiting for me to check. So I think the largest number I’ve seen was 2500. But that was after I’d got back from vacation. So that’s understandable. So what’s really not understandable to me, is that even though we give you exclusive instructions on things like you know, starting sentences with conjunctions, and filler words and phrases, and putting commas in figures of 1000 or more.

A lot of you will just breeze on by and do it your way. So which is fine with me. So I’m a big fan of the late great Frank Sinatra some version of that song. So I’m still there’s no denying he was kind of a sleaze bucket.

Speaker 1:
This was the audio we used for the latest GoTranscript audio test.

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