Examine the situation of professionalism in teacher education institutions of Pakistan Also examine how professional dispositions have impact on teachers’ performance?

The Situation of Professionalism in Teacher Education Institutions of Pakistan.

Teachers are the most significant educational resource for pupils, as well as a significant factor of educational quality. However, many education stakeholders in Pakistan are concerned about teacher performance.

The following are the most important issues:

  1. the system’s incapacity to attract and/or retain qualified teachers;
  2. neither the teacher nor the teacher educator is recognized as a professional by the system.
  3. Despite widespread recognition of teachers’ poor educational backgrounds and lack of enthusiasm and commitment, not enough is being done at the policy and, particularly, implementation levels to remedy the problem and establish teaching as a legitimate profession; and
  4. Improving and sustaining excellent teacher education programs in Pakistan is a difficulty. Quality-focused teacher education programs are either short-lived or on a limited scale. Longer-term and larger-scale plans, on the other hand, do not prioritize quality.

To increase teacher performance, it is critical to focus on professional development and legislative reforms. Teachers’ performance may be viewed as a synthesis of three fundamentals:

  1. Competence
  2. Motivation
  3. Opportunity

Factors both internal and external to the teacher influence competence, motivation, and opportunity. It is critical to differentiate between four levels: instructors, schools, local administration, and policy.


Quality instructors must have strong pedagogical skills, topic knowledge, and professional attitudes. Professional attitudes pertain to instructors’ understanding of what it takes to be a good teacher. Subject knowledge is the most significant restriction for low-quality teachers. Teachers are unlikely to apply better teaching abilities unless they have significant topic knowledge.


A good headteacher is the one component that may make a difference in the quality of teaching in a school. School development practices not only provide more resources for the school but also foster a culture of advancement and growth.

Management at the local level:

The relationship between the teacher/school and the government is crucial for motivation and opportunity. Teachers must be certain that their activities will be acknowledged, rewarded, and sanctioned by their employers. Schools must be sure that their efforts to improve will be rewarded. Local management includes advising support, facility inspection, teaching and administration, and the supply of teaching and learning resources.

Policy Statement:

Finally, the methods used for recruiting, posting, transfer, and promotion have the greatest effect on teachers’ incentive to perform. Transparent and merit-based practices in this area give a strong signal that other areas of professional growth are important. Policymakers must pay more attention to teacher management policies, which include the following:

  1. Progression in Your Career
  2. Efforts to elevate the standing of teachers
  3. Policy on evaluations and exams
  4. Non-salary expenses
  5. Curriculum/instructional strategy


The following elements are equally essential as policy recommendations:

  • Teachers are valued as stakeholders in the educational process: In order to guarantee the successful delivery and implementation of Education policy/reforms, include teachers in the planning, designing, and decision-making processes.
  • Provide strong support systems for teachers, particularly those in positions of leadership and management: Increase the number of school visits by district personnel (followed by feedback to schools) and implement a speedier and more transparent procedure for dealing with transfers, promotions, and postings to strengthen the interaction between schools and the district education office.
  • Enabling Conditions for Quality Education: A teacher can only be strong if she or he is able to teach well; the quality can only be achieved by frequent monitoring, ongoing professional development, and support.


Make teaching a recognized and appealing career for teachers by using the following strategies: Address the transportation issues that instructors experience in specific places. The district office might fund a school bus or give a transportation subsidy to instructors. Find inventive ways to publicly honor teachers in order to raise morale and return to the days when teaching was a well-respected profession. Provide ‘best teacher’ prizes, for example, and broadcast them on the radio; create yearly events that bring together teachers and education policymakers from the federal, provincial, and district levels, such as World Teachers’ Day.

Overall, teachers continue to be the single most significant component in improving educational quality. This must be reinforced by the inclusion of other quality criteria (textbooks, teaching material, etc.). Measures must be implemented to recruit more capable and qualified individuals to the teaching profession. It is critical to developing the link between schools and the district education office by increasing school visits by district personnel (followed by feedback to schools) and implementing a more efficient and transparent procedure for dealing with transfers, promotions, and postings. Enhance instructors’ problem-solving abilities as well as their capacity for critical reflection.

How social and culture context influence upon teaching profession. What do you think about the changing role of teachers in 21st century and expectations of the learners?

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