Which TranscribeMe tag should you use to stand in for a word or phrase you could not understand because another main speaker was talking over them? Please type the tag in the box below, formatted as per our style, and with no punctuation after.

Answer: [crosstalk]   (Type [crosstalk] in the box)


The tag [crosstalk] is correct because according to Clean Verbatim Style Guide?

Use the [crosstalk] tag when you cannot make out what a speaker says because another primary speaker is talking over them. ​DO NOT​ use this tag to “represent” where a speaker interjected over another. Remember that each speaker gets their own line; assume in this example that you can hear everything the first speaker said but not the second speaker: I thought it might be fun to [inaudible].

Did you go to the store when I asked you to, or—[crosstalk].  –did you forget again?

But if you understand both, you don’t need the [crosstalk] tag. It helps to focus on one voice at a time to pick apart the conversation.

Did you go to the store when I asked you to, or—

                                                  Oops. No, I forgot.

                                                 –did you forget again?


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