Zip Archiver review

Zip Archiver review

A powerful archiving and compression utility

Zip Archiver is a free compression and archiving utility that works on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It will open, compress, and archive files, and the app’s creator, Hamstersoft, has made it very user-friendly. The software also integrates with cloud storage, enabling users to directly access archive files to services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Zip Archiver makes use of some clever technology to speed up file compression, and you’ll certainly find a consistency gap between this utility and competitors.

Zip Archiver can also be used to make duplicates of archived files and exchange them with friends and colleagues using special functions. A shareability function allows compressed files to be sent via email, RapidShare, CD, DVD, and other mediums. You can easily and quickly exchange compressed data files, spreadsheets, photos, photographs, or videos.


Zip Archiver has a slew of features that make compressing and archiving files and directories a breeze. There are some archiving tools for Windows-based applications, but this software has several unique and especially useful functionality.

For instance, Zip Archiver has a streamlined and elegant interface that looks fantastic and makes it easy to use and self-explanatory even for non-technologists. It simplifies the compression process for beginners by leading them via a wizard. Another useful function is the drag-and-drop feature for picking files for archiving.

ZIP, ARJ, BZ2, TBZ, 7Z, GZIP, IMG, GZ, TGZ, ISO, RAR, TAR, and other file formats are all supported. You can also compress almost any kind of file in any format, including the more unusual CAB, BZ, IZH, and IHA formats.

To get the best performance, this versatile archiver makes use of all of your computer’s resources. It employs an improved ‘Really Quick Zip’ algorithm for zipping and archiving files, striking a nice balance between saving storage space and saving time.


Zip Archiver provides technical assistance in over 40 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Questions can be directed to the organization by email at On the official website, there is also a help page where you can type in your question (or feedback) along with your contact information and apply your query. The customer service team guarantees a quick response.

Final verdict

Zip Archiver is a powerful and convenient file compression and archiving utility for Windows PCs. It includes some intriguing features such as variable compression levels, password protection for archived files and directories, and even file slicing for data compression.

It’s also open, which is always a plus, but we’d like to see the software available outside of Windows-based environments, and we’d also like to see a little more support for compression formats.

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