WinZip review

WinZip review

A top-notch file compression and archiving tool

It is not unusual in today’s world to come across large files that can take up too much of your drive space – particularly if you have a smallish SSD, for example – which may also be difficult to send to anyone. This is where compression utilities like WinZip come in, with added advantages like added protection with encryption for your compressed files.


WinZip was released for Windows in 2004 and has a slew of features, including the ability to execute multiple compression functions at the same time for power users. It can generate ZIPX or ZIP files, as well as LHA/LZH directories, and it can extract from many other common formats, including RAR and TAR.

As previously said, the app supports encryption with 256-bit AES encryption, and users can burn files directly to CDs or DVDs. WinZip also supports multiple simultaneous burns. Compressed file writing is fast and dependable.

WinZip System Utilities Suite subscription options:

WinZip has an integrated PDF converter that can transform Word files to PDFs or vice versa before compression, which may be a time-saving feature.

ZipSend is another time-saving feature that helps users to send emails with big attachments by zipping and then uploading them. In addition, the compression ratio for compressing or archiving emails is very strong.

WinZip enables users to create self-extracting ZIP files that do not require the use of a third-party programme to unpack. The programme is also compatible with Microsoft Windows. It also has a special Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

Software versions and pricing

WinZip was originally released for Microsoft Windows, but newer versions for Mac, Android, and iOS have since been released. Both OS versions of the app support standard and advanced compression and encryption, as well as the email companion for email compression and a variety of other applications.

The app is available in a variety of flavors, including three main suites: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. Pricing starts at $29.95, so it’s not a cheap compression utility, but it delivers undeniably decent performance and has some pretty cool features. It’s worth noting that you can download and try WinZip for free for a limited time and see what you think.

Final verdict

WinZip is a fantastic tool for compressing and encrypting files that is usable on a variety of platforms. The compression ratios and speeds it achieves are amazing, and those who are unsure about the software should use the trial version before purchasing.

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