GoTranscript Audio Test Answer | May 09, 2021

Speaker 1:
This is the audio test you need to pass to become a transcriber at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
I used to go on long road trips in my coop, I would drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, staring out to sea and watching the seagulls soaring in the wind. Of course, not all of them were flying. Some of them were stationary, waiting for a chance to steal food from some hapless tourist. If I thought they could understand me, I’d compliment them. A lot of times I even wondered if I was looking at a real bird or a statue. You know, in addition to the seagulls, you might see a lot of other little animals gambling along the beach. One of the most common is the endosperm of Phyllis, beachy io, or beachy ground squirrel, which seems appropriate for the beach, right? Just kidding. It’s a different kind of beach. Anyway, these cute little buggers forage for seeds, nuts, and other grains. But the seagulls get a lot of their food from the garbage left behind by another well-known mammal those snowbirds.

Wait, snowbirds aren’t a mammal, are they? Oh, yes, they are, at least in Arizona. Just ask anybody that lives there.

This year, however, because of COVID we may not see the hordes of snowbirds who regularly descend on California, Arizona, and Florida come to the autumnal equinox and that’s a doggone shame. You know, their antics make us groan sometimes, but they also bring us much-needed profits baby. This pandemic has rung a lot of savings accounts dry. My next-door neighbor lost 1200 bucks. It’s a relief that the scientists finally discovered the vaccines we so desperately need to prevent and heal this dreadful disease. Finally, I hate to broach this subject but it’s just wholly unavoidable. If you aren’t wearing a mask when you go into Walmart, please make sure your infectious little droplets don’t leak all over me like water over a broken levee. That’s a principle we should all be able to agree to whether or not you’re willing to toe the line and follow the law. The last time I was at Walmart, I searched high and low through their electronics department. We couldn’t find any sign of a Chumby or a TI 99 4A they didn’t even have an NCXT Panzer box, which is annoying because that was my favorite non-traditional computer back in the early 2000s. It was a lot better than the Thermaltake Speedo my parents bought me. Computers have really evolved a lot since the good old days But I have to admit there are times I miss my Wang.

Did you know that Wang derived its name from wango a word meaning random bit-level groveling going on in a system during some unspecified operation? It’s true may be often used in combination with mumble as in, you start with the point O file, run it through this postprocessor that does mumble wango and it comes out a snazzy odd object-oriented executable. I don’t know about you, but I find that skin too late.

Speaker 1:
This is the audio test you need to pass to become a transcriber at GoTranscript.


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