CrowdSurf Audio Test Answers 2021

In this, you are going to learn how we pass CrowdSurf Audio Test Answers in 2021. It’s very easy to pass this test. First of all, make sure you must read all crowd surf transcription guidelines this will help you a lot. In this post, I transcribe the CrowdSurf Audio media file into Transcription. I hope this is very helpful for you. Don’t copy and paste into the CrowdSurf  Transcription website. Before submitting the audio test make sure you must apply all Transcription rules or guidelines, without applying guidelines you never able to pass this test, and if accidentally if you pass this test without reading guidelines you never succeed in the Transcription Market place. Let start the audio test:

Where’s your dog, by the way? Because I watch on social media.

>> This is getting.

>> No, it’s a real question.

>> [LAUGH]

>> Does your dog stay in Montana?

>> My dog does not stay in Montana. This is what happened [LAUGH] got a dog, wanted to have a dog on the road – road dog. A dear friend of mine happens to be an incredible dog trainer. She took my dog, trained my dog, turned into a perfect beast. And then I was like, “Okay, let me take my dog on the road.” Dog hates music.

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