18 August 2022 gotranscript audio test passed

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
I have no idea yet what is going to be contained in this particular test. It’s supposed to be it’s supposed to include things that you would have to look up in the guidelines. Like, for example, if I say the number 1500 or if I say that all right is supposed to be two words.

The problem is a lot of you won’t look up anything in the guidelines if your life depended on it. I mean, not that it does. Okay. Still getting this particular job does depend on it. So right here in the first paragraph, I’d have sprinkled a few things you’d have to look have looked up in the guidelines to get right.

Will you do it, though, I’m wondering because a lot of people seem to think all they have to do is apply. They think it doesn’t matter if they actually finished the audio test not realizing that it’s actually the most important part. This is where we find out whether you can follow simple instructions, like checking the GoTranscript guidelines to see how to format it if the speaker puts two numbers in the same sentence, like three and 18.

That’s very important. So let’s see if you do that correctly or not. Another thing you need to look up is how long your paragraphs are supposed to be. There’s a section in the aforementioned guidelines, telling you exactly how long they should be. And, and yet, we get a lot of tests that are just one big blog of a paragraph.

That sad reality, because even when people get every word the audio transcribed correctly, they still fail because of formatting errors. In fact, I’d say that only five out of 100 people actually get through. Another problem people have with formatting numbers is some not understanding the difference between how you format numbers used to denote years versus the same number used to describe the year.

It’s even more confusing when you have the same number describing the same type of thing but in different ways, let me clarify that. For example, someone might be talking about an event that occurred in the year 2000 and in the very next sentence, say that it has been over 2000 years since that event happened.

It’s the same number, and they’re even describing the same thing “years”, but one of them will have a comma and one won’t. If you get that right, you may be well on your way to making hundreds of 1000s of pennies as a transcriber. So good luck.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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