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I think there are services that have a good idea. But I also feel as though some services, like the police, for example, have been pushed into being more supportive when they haven’t actually talked to training. Instead of qualified people expressing their support and care, it’s, it’s someone who doesn’t really understand it that much and has just been given a brief treat people are trying to think is favouring them, and also the people. Because at the end of the day, it’s someone’s life, you’re affected by what you say.

I also think, there, there are gender differences. I feel like in terms of boys, they don’t get, they don’t really get as much to say, or people respect them in that way. But I also feel like, people don’t take girls so seriously. That’s the big thing with, oh, you’re just overreacting. Or, Oh, you’re not actually going through something. It’s just a face or something like that.

So it’s not fear and introspects. Yesterday, I went to the hospital to be assessed. This was some in terms of mental health and stuff like that. When I left, the assessment, basically just said that I was fine. There was nothing wrong, there were no red flags. When I left, I felt like they miss something. Like, they didn’t ask the right questions.

They didn’t engage with me to the point where I understood what they were trying to get out. And what I used to say, they didn’t do their job in terms of making me feel like I can say something. If all that wasn’t bad enough, when I was about to leave, they presented me with a bill for $1,500. It says my insurance wasn’t for the people.

So that’s why a second assessment is a big concern because there were a lot of red flags that might go on the first assessment and didn’t pick up on. That was, I think, starting at the Children’s Hospital. I think there needs to be more in place to make sure you don’t miss the appeal. Important questions. They, they either didn’t really get the deeper meaning behind and the questions they were asking that was very, you know, by the book, which is great for some people who are not in the struggle to express your opinions through that question because I treat questions very literally.

If someone asked me a question, I will give them a direct answer, but they weren’t around. They didn’t get to the point which I needed. And I felt for that and I didn’t get to express my opinion clearly.


Speaker 1:
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