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Here is a salt called chlorate of Protoss, which is now made in large quantities for bleaching and chemical medical uses and for pyrotechnic purposes, I will take some and mix it with some of the oxides of manganese oxide of copper or iron that would work with justice.

Well, if I put these together in a retort far less than a red heat is sufficient to evolve oxygen from the mixture I’m not prepared to make because we only want to fish experiment. As you will see immediately are charged, the first portion of the gods will be losing the app already in the retort and I should be obliged to sacrifice the first portion of the costs because it would be so much diluted with the first portion must therefore be thrown away.

In the case of Holman, the spirit lab is quite sufficient for me to get the oxygen. So we shall have two processes. Does preparation see how freely the DOS is coming over from that small portion of the mixture? Let’s examine it and see what are its properties. Now, in this way, we are producing as you will observe a Goss just like the one we had in the experiment with the batter, transparent undissolved by water and presenting the ordinary visible properties of the atmosphere.

This first jaw contains the odds together with the first portions of the oxygen set free during the preparation. Let’s carry it out of the way and get ready to make our experiments in a regular dignified manner. You may easily see that although we obtained from water twice as much in a volume of hydrogen as of oxygen, it does not follow that we have twice as much weight because one is heavy, and the other very light costs.

The weight of a pint of hydrogen is three moles of grain, the weight of the same quantity of oxygen is nearly 12 grains. This is a very great difference. The weight of a cubic foot of hydrogen is 1/12 of an ounce, and the weight of 1500 cubic feet of oxygen is more than you can possibly imagine.

My experiments so far show that anywhere from nine to 20 cubic feet is sufficient to produce the light desired from the Goss’s thus described. Yet when I tried to explain this to a classroom filled with upwards of 30 students, only eight of them understood what I was referring to. What’s the matter with kids today?

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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