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Reports from the field service of the US Department of Agriculture for the date of July 25. Concerning commercial cabbage, cat, celery and onions in Michigan, contain the following information. For cabbage. We found five counties in Southern Miss Michigan, with about 1285 1200 85 acres of commercial cabbage compared with last year’s area of 590 acres for an increase of 118%.

As for the county’s income had 160 acres eaten to 25 Jackson 67, Hillsdale to 33 and branch a measly nine acres. Principal increases over 1921 are in Hillsdale and Branch counties. The crop is generally in excellent condition. Although let’s be honest, it’s still cabbage.

If you prefer sauerkraut, although frankly, spoiler alert, it’s still cabbage, Hillsdale county Jonesville has 200 acres set aside for that. Moshe Bill has 13 acres set aside for crowd while Litchfield has 20 acres in branch county Vincy has approximately 250 acres of commercial cabbage, uh, which 170 acres are under contract, and cold water has about 350 acres was 60% under contract, crop plant and cold water will be an operation this year.

Baroda in Marion County has 60 acres of cabbage and Niles in the same county 40 acres for the crowd in northern Michigan Saginaw County has 1400 acres of commercial cabbage 300 acres of which are under contract. Now we go on to something more marginally more palatable, at least if you mix it with sour cream. And of course, I’m talking about celery, combined area of commercial celery and Lenawee, Tas Allegan and Kent counties is 1005 acres an increase of 450 acres over last year.

Lenawee County has 117 acres Cass 118 acres Allegan 170 acres and counts 600 acres. The crop is in excellent condition. If you like salaried that is now we get to onions and I don’t know about you but that made me pick up a bit since I just had some D Licious onion rings from a drive-in called The Summit near Ohio, California. Granted, that’s a long way from the air we’re talking about but still, it’s onion ring so young Yo, I say.

Anyway, back to our report. Allegan County has about 603 acres of commercial onions, or 88% more than in 21. The gold swamp section which includes Martin gold plains, Shelbyville and Hooper has approximately 550 acres for little Kaylynn only has eight acres vault door and herps scored at least 20 acres.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test for GoTranscript.

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