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Have you ever had an MRI? That’s short for mostly raucous, insane, as in the noises you hear when you’re in the doggone thing?

No, it’s actually short for magnetic resonance imaging, a machine that takes lots of very detailed pictures of whatever your part of your body is under investigation at the moment. And since I had to be in one yesterday, you get to hear the noises today. Isn’t it fun how that works.

Anyway, the whole point of the test is to see things that you can’t see in an X-ray or an ultrasound. So I guess it’s a good thing.

Also, it doesn’t emit the same level of radiation as some of the other tests, which is good if you don’t like to glow a bright green like Homer Simpson at the nuclear plants. It’s also good for finding tiny little cancer cells, which wasn’t always the case. I just read a book from the early 20th century by a doctor, an actual Doctor Who thought all cancer was caused by bad diets. According to this quack during the years from 1840 to 1905, cancer deaths increased from 700,000 population in 1830 to 88.5 in 1905. During this same time period, my consumption had more than doubled to 130 pounds per capita in 1904. According to this guy, it is estimated that among the adult well-to-do population, the per capita meat consumption was 100 pounds per year.

In addition to large quantities of grain, poultry, eggs, fish, etc. He claimed it was some derangement of metabolism, which is at the bottom of neoplastic gross, but at least he acknowledged that this so-called derangement wasn’t necessarily due to any one single cause such as diet. There were other elements of disturbance besides the new nitro genus malassimilation, due to the intake of an excessive amount of the protein of the animal kingdom.

Cancer, he pointed out, was also seen in vegetarians, although he claimed never to have met with such a case. This is very interesting, since as you probably know, today, in 21, people who claim that following a vegan diet prevents Cancer. Wonder if they ever look at the medical research. Even this yet to 1915 knew that wasn’t necessarily the case. Vegan diets can be good for some people, but there’s no diet that’s 100% right for everyone. No matter what diet you’re talking about. There’s always one person who thrives on it loudly, but 1500 people who get sick, you just have to use your reason and common sense.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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